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At Check’d Co, we bring to you fine and genuine leather shoes which are designed and handcrafted by leather artisans in South Africa. You can find comfort and create fashion statements with our “vellies” collection. “Vellies” are proud South African walking shoes where the first “vellies” were made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa, inspired by the footwear of the Khoisan tribe and the shoes remain timeless until the current 21st century. All the shoes in our collection were made from high quality full grain leather and get better with age to ensure full satisfaction for the wearer. Our shoes are not bulky but lightweight and easy to wear. It is perfect for any type of occasion and you can achieve an effortless daily style with these shoes. 

In South Africa, leather is the by-product of the agriculture industry. It is our goal to make sure you own only high-quality products that are ethically sourced and symbolizes specialty in the production of footwear. Each pair of our shoes are beautifully made with love and handled with extensive care. We believe that shoes are not just footwear or a piece of clothing, but also can reflect your personality and determine your mood for the rest of the day. 

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that provide comfort without giving up on style, Check’d Co is all you need.

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Founded in 2020 and based in Canberra, Australia, Check’d Co is your desired platform for top-notch African leather shoes. The idea behind this business started when we travelled to South Africa and came across high-quality leather shoes that were sold by the local community. We bought a couple of pairs, took them home to Australia and after wearing it for a long time, we realised how comfortable the shoes are! Having a business background and passion in fashion at the same time, we wanted to introduce this traditional “vellies” to the Australian as well as to give positive social impacts to the communities in Australia and South Africa.

The product collections are manufactured in Western Cape and hand made by the local people. As the southernmost country in the continent, South Africa has an abundance of resources to produce leather goods and most of the farmers rely heavily on the leather industry as their main source of income. Despite the increase in local shoes manufacturing, an estimated 73% of leather footwear goods are still being imported into this country. Thus, Check’d Co was founded with the missions to support local craftsmanship, help them to boost their market globally and create a source of employment all along its supply chain. This brand will serve as the platform for the creative shoemakers to showcase their hard work and creativity to thousands or even millions of people. We work closely together with them to gain useful insights that can be strategically placed in our business and at the same time improve both countries' economies. We can say that Check’d Co is a proud African leather apparel retailer in Australia.

The aim to contribute more to the society continues by giving back to the local Australians community. We have been making collaborations with some wonderful small businesses mainly on the production of our free promotional items. Previously, we had supported a local tailor in our area by outsourcing the making of reusable masks and currently, we are engaging with the local community as they are helping us to produce leather key chains as the item is part of the ongoing promotions. At Check’d Co, everyone matters and that is how we run our business. Join Check’d Co on our journey and let’s make a positive change together.