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Check’d Co gives an opportunity to the Australian consumers to enjoy the high quality and durability of South African real leather products. Our Esthe collection shoes are not bulky but lightweight and easy to wear. We guarantee that our leather products get better with age. The marks, scuffs and discoloration of our leather will tell so many stories about its owner’s journey of life. We believe that shoes is not just a footwear or a piece of clothing, it matters way more than that. Our products are well known to be stylish and versatile. That’s why we call our shoes “Superb Leather”. It is perfect for any type of occasions such as business meeting, class and just simply going to the mall or taking a nice walk in the park. The leather is comfortably soft and can be worn by anyone. Each pair of our shoes is beautifully made with love and handled with extensive care. One of the reasons why we are introducing our vellies collection into the Australian market is because our brand holds value of contemporary and modernity without neglecting its traditional and cultural values.

It’s easy to manufacture 1000 pair of shoes, but to pour your heart and soul to make one single pair of shoes, that is rare” – Anonymous

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Our idea came from our travels in South Africa where we came across high-quality leather products that were sold by a local community. We bought a couple of pairs and took them home to Australia. After wearing it for a long time, we realised how comfortable the shoes are and decided to introduce them to Australia. The history and unique identity of the shoe origin also really fascinate us, so we intend to bring this traditional "vellies" concept back into the spotlight. Thus, we formed a partnership with the South African supplier that created the shoe collection and officially became their exclusive distributor. We founded Check’d Co, with the missions to support local craftsmanship and help them to expand their market globally. In this way, we are not just helping to create job opportunities for local community, but we are also making sure that their hard work and creativity are being recognised and respected. We can say that Check’d Co is a proud African leather apparel retailer in Australia. The product collections are manufactured in Western Cape and hand made by the local people. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Esthe Erasmus, the founder of our Esthe collection and the team involved in the production of this truly amazing products.


We want to focus on the human aspect, not just the product, as the human aspect that makes the shoes special and unforgettable” – Farah, founder of Check’d Co

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