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Frequently asked questions

Are your products made of real leather?

Yes, we use high quality and soft full grain leather for all our products.

How can I find out what shoe size I am?

We do understand that knowing the perfect shoe size might get complicated. We got you. Please use these simple instructions to get the perfect measurement of your feet: 1. Get a ruler, pen, and piece of paper. 2. Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand on it. Make sure your foot is flat. 3. Make a mark behind your heel and another in front of your longest toe. If one of your feet is larger than the other, use the longer foot to measure your size. 4. Measure the distance between the two lines in inches or centimeters. 5. Find your measurement on either the women's or men's size chart below to determine your correct size. If your measurement falls in between two sizes, round up. Our Women Size
UK4 = 23.2 cm UK5 = 24.1 cm
UK6 = 25.0 cm
UK7 = 25.8 cm
UK8 = 26.6 cm
UK9 = 27.5 cm Our Men Size
UK8 = 27.5 cm
UK9 = 28.3 cm UK10 = 29.1 cm UK11 = 30.0 cm UK12 = 38.0 cm Before checking out please refer to the shoe size guide provided in each product description to make sure you have the correct size.

How does your returns policy work?

No stress, everyone can change their mind. You can return the shoes back to our warehouse within 60 days of your purchase for an exchange or refund. The products must be returned in unworn condition and in original packaging for exchange or refund purposes. Please get in touch with us through for details on where to send the returns.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit card payment, PayPal and Coin currency.

Are your products ethically made?

We get it, no one wants to feel like they are contributing to bad causes. We are happy and confident to tell you that all our products are ethically sourced. All hides are sourced from feedlots, where the cattle graze freely on the South African fields. Hides are a by-product of the South African meat industry. If these hides were not bought by tanneries, they would otherwise be wasted. This reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Leather is one of the oldest forms of recycling/upcycling known to man.

It is up to the tanneries to turn the protein into fashionable, workable leather, and then up to the very creative manufacturers who turn the leather into the beautiful products.